Travel Agency in India – an overview

There are many travel agencies in India. They are aimed at providing extensive travel options. They provide travel arrangement for both tourism and common purposes. To regulate travel agencies, Travel Agents Association on India (TAAI) was made in 1951. Well known travel agencies are registered with TAAI. TAAI registered companies are trustworthy and identified for delivering genuine services.

Let us know different varieties of travel agencies in India.
Primarily based on places, there are two kinds of travel agencies in India. Some agencies offer travel arrangement for domestic tourism and some agencies are specialized in international tourism.

Domestic tourism – There are thousands and thousands of travel agencies specialized in domestic tourism. They offer tour packages and travel arrangement for common destinations in India. Nearby agencies provide packages and travel arrangement in nearby locations and state. Such agencies charge quite genuinely but vacationers may have to compromise with the solutions. Huge travel operators offer travel packages for all more than the India. They have professionally managed team to assist and escort tourists.

International tourism – Large fish in the business also deal in international tourism and not just tourism in India. They have international presence. They offer tour package and travel arrangement about the globe.

Some travel agencies are primarily based on nature of travelling. Some agencies supply travel arrangement for tourism only. Such agencies also have alliance with hotel operators and look following the accommodation arrangement as nicely. Some agencies provide only ticket booking services. They only book tickets and rest of the travel required need to fulfill by travelers themselves.

Travel package – Most of the travel agencies in India provide tour packages to run enterprise. They supply travel and accommodation arrange together. They supply tour packages in various combinations. Some of the agencies also provide options for self customization. Tourists are ready to pick the travel destinations as per their interest. Some of the prepared tour packages are golden triangle tour package, Rajasthan tour package, Manali Honeymoon Package, wildlife tour package, hill station tour package and far more. Tourists can opt from a single the packages from Travel Agency in India and uncover the charm of India.

Ticket booking:
Some of the travel agencies supply ticket booking services only. They deal in booking ticket for travelling. Most of the agencies deal in all road, rail, and air tickets. Travel agency in India is ready to book ticket for you to let you travel at your

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