Highfield Dental Clinic – Facial Aesthetics and Pampering

Frown Lines

The contractions in our facial muscles when we smile, laugh or frown create wrinkles. Sooner or later, these contractions will generate in what we contact the frown lines, crow’s feet and laughter lines. By obstructing impulses from the nerves to our modest facial muscle tissues a wrinkle can be lowered. That is achieved by temporarily relaxing the muscle tissues so that they don’t contract, thus creating the appear of these lines soften.

Even though the untreated muscles respond in a typical way enabling facial expressions to be untouched, the skin itself continues to be smooth and unwrinkled. The development can be amazingly remarkable.

There is a way for you to look youthful – this treatment is appropricate for both ladies and guys.

Welcome to Heaven and Indulge Oneself

Whisk your own self away and smell the freshly reduce lilies, even though experiencing the finest in make-up, pampering, relaxing and spine tingling massages.

Highfield Clinic brings with each other the encounter of ideal cosmetic firms with the convenience of a city centre location and the pleasures of an stylish and peaceful Mansion atmosphere.

Absolutely everyone deserves to take a even though away from their own busy lives and encounter obtaining into the beauty space that oozes calm and harmony. Get pampered and be transformed thoroughly by our diverse treatment options

You will be delighted with what the Birmingham dentist has to offer you whether or not a massage, a beauty treatment or the want to have specialist and immaculate makeup.

Join us in our sumptuous atmosphere and come to enjoy a little piece of Heaven.

Orthodontics – Teeth Straightening

The art of aligning and straightening teeth to support teeth execute efficiently as nicely as generating them aesthetically pleasing is what you get in touch with Orthodontics.

Dr Nazanin Shoja Assadi is our really own Specialized Orthodontist in Birmingham and has been treating orthodontic patients, both young and old, since 1994.

We supply a full range of private orthodontic treatments here at the Highfield Dental Clinic. It is not too late for you to straighten your smile – Preserve in thoughts that!

All meetings and treatment will be performed at the clinic and all patients can be specific of a really warm welcome, outstanding care and satisfying results.

Therapy of Gum Illness – Periodontics

The disease known as periodontal impacts the gums, bone and other supporting tissues of the teeth. Whilst a lot of people go by means of gum swelling from time to time, almost ten% of the population appears to expertise from the much more excruciating types of the illness which lead to loss of supporting bone. This group appears to be at higher danger of losing teeth in the course of periodontal disease. It is due to the bacteria that gather around the teeth every day.

A full periodontal service is offered which includes assessment, arranging and therapy.

Painless Dentistry Sedation

We, as a team make an effort to offer you with as considerably as possible a pleasing and anxiety-cost-free experience. We provide a sedation service for all dental procedures – routine and specialist treatment options through to oral surgery.

Dental Crew

Our dental group composes of dentists, specialists, managers, nurses and assistance employees. Every member is committed to render a first class service and care to their patient as properly as providing the greatest contemporary dentistry. The group members are devoted to ongoing private improvement and each and every value is on the stipulation of up-to-date dental methods. In addition to the treatments supplied throughout company hours, we also provide services of an emergency dentist in Birmingham.

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