Greatest of Close friends Season 4

The 1 With The Jellyfish: Ross dumps Bonnie, which requires all evening she leaves in the morning. Meanwhile, Rachel writes a extended letter to Ross that she demands him to read prior to they get back with each other he tries to read it but falls asleep… then has to fake it when she asks him about it Ross agrees with the letter just before he finds out what it says once he finds out the letter asks him to accept the breakup was all his fault, he’s not certain he can hold up the charade. Phoebe is upset that her real mother in no way attempted to contact her she tells her mother she never desires to see her again, but her mother finally convinces her to reconcile. Ursula knew about their real mother all along, but in no way told Phoebe. Monica, Chandler, and Joey devote the day on the beach Joey digs a hole Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. Joey remembers that peeing on a jellyfish sting takes the pain away Monica “can not bend that way” and Joey gets “Stage Fright,” leaving Chandler. Ross can not stand hiding his feelings and he and Rachel break up again.

The One With The Ballroom Dancing: Joey chews out Mr. Treeger, the superintendent, for generating Rachel cry Mr. Treeger decides to evict Rachel and Monica (who have an illegal sublet of Monica’s Grandmother’s apartment). In order to smooth issues over, Joey agrees to be Mr. Treeger’s practice ballroom dancing partner. Chandler tries to end his membership at his health club Ross goes with him for moral assistance but ends up joining as effectively. Phoebe struggles (unsuccessfully) to contain her desires for Rick, one particular of her massage customers she ends up getting fired and he turns out to be married.

The 1 Where Chandler Crosses The Line: Chandler becomes further frustrated when he accidentally sees Kathy coming out of the shower. Joey is late for a date with Kathy simply because he’s on a date with somebody else Chandler and Kathy devote time alone together and they kiss Chandler feels so guilty that he refurnishes the apartment Kathy breaks up with Joey, and he suspects there is an additional man Chandler admits it was him, causing a rift in between himself and Joey. Ross rediscovers his musical “sound,” but he is not genuinely as very good as he and Phoebe appear to believe Phoebe doesn’t want to perform since she feels dwarfed by Ross’s musical gift.

The One particular With The Embryos: The guys’ chicken is becoming a rooster. Phoebe undergoes the process to implant embryos in her uterus the stress is high as Frank Jr. and Alice can only afford the procedure once. Monica and Rachel bet that they know Chandler and Joey far better than Chandler and Joey know them Ross writes the inquiries (game show style) and ultimately the stakes are raised: If the girls win, the chick and the duck have to go. If the guys win, they get the girls’ apartment.

The 1 With All The Rugby: While getting his nails carried out, Chandler runs into Janice–newly divorced and not willing to let Chandler get away. Chandler invents a story about his company transferring him to Yemen. Although Janice believes him, he’s not residence cost-free however… she won’t leave his side till he’s on the plane and taking off. Monica obsesses about an electrical switch that apparently doesn’t do something right after tests, blueprints, and demolition perform, she finally offers up. Ross meets some of Emily’s friends and gets invited to play rugby not wanting to lose face, he insists on playing. When they play too rough regardless of Emily’s secret request that they go effortless on him, she assists Ross inflict some discomfort, also, by providing him pointers on their vulnerabilities.

The A single With The Fake Party: Phoebe, pregnant, has cravings for meat Joey agrees to be a temporary vegetarian so she can eat meat with no causing much more animals to die. Rachel creates a fake party for Emily, which is truly an excuse to devote time with Joshua outside of operate she tends to make a fool of herself attempting to make him like her… she even puts on her old higher-school cheerleader uniform. Ross is bummed that Emily will soon be returning home to England Rachel convinces him that his partnership with Emily doesn’t have to end.

The One particular With All The Haste: The singing man, the bird smell, and the lack of space drive Rachel and Monica to new attempts to get their old apartment back when they fail to bribe Chandler and Joey with season Knicks tickets, they try generating one more bet… and drop again, so they have neither the tickets nor the apartment. Even so, even though Joey and Chandler are at a game, Rachel and Monica switch apartments anyway. Chandler objects but Monica and Rachel supply to kiss each other for a complete minute if they can maintain the apartment. Ross gets an ear-ring. Phoebe tries to knit. Ross hates the fact that Emily has to be gone so considerably, so he considers asking her to move in with him… but ends up asking her to marry him she says yes. The gang is shocked to hear the news… specially Rachel.

The A single With Ross’s Wedding, element 2: Phoebe fights telephone friction even though attempting to warn Joey and Chandler that Rachel is on her way to ruin the wedding. Joey gets homesick… till he finds a cute bridesmaid (Felicity) who wants to know him better. The Gellers meet the Walthams Jack Geller has agreed to pay for half of the wedding… till he finds out Mr. Waltham is counting his home remodeling as a wedding expense. Rachel tries and tries again to get on a flight to London she gets underway but annoys the other passengers. Chandler and Monica have a hard time at the rehearsal dinner they console every single other, and finish up sleeping together. The subsequent day, Joey, Chandler, and Monica watch for Rachel just before the wedding she slips in while Joey makes out with Felicity, but decides not to inform Ross how she feels. For the duration of the wedding ceremony, Ross accidentally speaks Rachel’s name alternatively of Emily’s, halting the proceedings.

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