Texas Kids To Acquire Counseling

All of the young children, not too long ago removed from the Yearn for Zion ranch, will acquire mental well being counseling. The Texas State office of Kid Protective Solutions is functioning with many mental well being agencies and others in the field, in order to place this all collectively.

Simply because all of these youngsters, 416 to be exact, have been taught not to trust the world outdoors of the ranch environment, the ‘non-believers’, it will be really tough for them to adapt to a new and diverse way of life.

These kids have never ever been permitted to have any kind of independent thoughts and have been told that these living outdoors of the compound are the devil. It has been said that the youngsters have been so sheltered that several never even know what a crayon is.

Mental-well being workers are at present obtaining it hard to acquire info from the majority of the young children because they have been told, more than and over once again, not to speak to outsiders.

The counselors hope that as soon as the children began to get counseling, even though not in the presence of the mothers who came with them, they will commence to open up and express their feelings.

In addition to mental overall health solutions for children will be receiving other kinds of health-related services. Presently, their educational wants are becoming assesses, as well.

It need to be noted that 139 women voluntarily left with the youngsters. To date, households stay collectively. During a search, at the compound, a assortment of records were seized. These contain marriage, birth and genealogical documents, which will support authorities match children with their parents.

All of the girls and kids are currently residing at, either, the Wells Fargo Pavilion or Fort Concho. At the time, no one from the compound or any other relatives are getting permitted to go to. It is not recognized if this policy will change.

Most of the youngsters are the offspring of the inner circle of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is a turncoat, splinter, group of the Mormon faith.

Warren Jeffs, who is now serving a prison term, is the self proclaimed prophet of the Church. He is also thought to be the father of most of the kids that were removed from the compound.

The compound, situated in El Dorado Texas, was raided on April three, 2008 as the outcome of a telephone call created by a 16-year-old girl seeking assist from a domestic violence shelter. For the duration of that telephone contact the girl indicated that she had been raped and beaten by a 50 year old husband and that she was pregnant.

Building on the compound started in 2003. It was in the course of that period that several kids were taken from the Utah and Arizona location… some without their parents and brought to the compound, to reside.

The majority of these children had been girls, below the age of six. Jeffs was under the belief that children over the age of six have been significantly also contaminated to be of any use to God.

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