Massage Therapy as an Ancient Medical Practice

The benefits of bodywork are well-identified and wide-ranging, but even several of its practitioners are not aware of the deep and colorful history of massage. The very first references to massage in texts appear in biblical documents written around 493 BC, describing daily massage as part of a beauty regime undertaken by the wives of Xerxes. Shortly soon after this, in 460 BC, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote that” A physician need to have knowledge in several issues, but assured in rubbing … simply because rubbing can bind a joint muscle that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is as well rigid”. Due to the way in which these passages are written, it seems hugely probably that health-related and therapeutic massage had been practiced numerous years before either of these written references was created.

In fact, an ancient Chinese book, Huangdi Neijing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), written about 2700 BC states that “exercises breathing, massage of flesh and skin, and workout routines of the feet and hands” are recommended remedies for “comprehensive paralysis, chills and fever”. Even Julius Caesar is stated to have received daily massage in order to treat neuralgia. Swedish massage, however – the style of bodywork which will be familiar to most Westerners – was not created till the late 1800s Per Henrik Ling was a sweetish medical doctor. He primarily based his method on research of physiology and gymnastics as well as ancient massage therapies from Egypt and Greece. Up till 1934, St. Thomas’s Hospital in London even had its own division of massage exactly where approaches exactly where practiced.

Even earlier nonetheless than Huangdi Neijing, many believe that types of massage began to emerge in India around 3000 BC possibly even earlier. Even so, the texts detailing this were only written sometime among 1500 and 500 BC. These descriptions of the Ayurveda system of holistic medicine dictate that individuals are afflicted by illness and illness when they live out of harmony with their environment. The Chinese techniques of massage, however, state that an imbalance in the power of particular pathways in the human psychological system is typically the lead to of illness and disease. They believed that therapeutic touch permitted the energy to flow more naturally through these pathways, thereby healing the disease or ailment.

The Western healthcare program as soon as once again became interested in and aware of the benefits of massage throughout a wave of interest in organic healing throughout the 1960s. Because this time, massage has continued to be a popular strategy of dealing with stress and anxiousness connected problems. In reality, almost 30% of all income spent on alternative medicine in the United States in 1997 was spent on massage. In the 1980s, the Association of Bodywork and Massage Practitioners was formed, bringing regulation and respect to the business following over four,000 years.

With massage proving to be a very powerful technique of therapy throughout the ages from ancient China to contemporary-day America, the history of massage is undoubtedly a colorful a single and it seems particular that bodywork will prove to be a common and effective treatment for a lot of much more centuries to come. In an age of modern medicine and technological innovation, it is very calming in itself to see such an ancient medical practice as massage getting employed as a respected, trusted kind of health-related therapy.

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