Home remedies for dry and broken hair

Undesirable hair days are not uncommon, but the difficulty starts when the hair start becoming poor on a standard basis. So, for all the quite ladies who are going through the troubles of dry and damaged hair, very best hair colourists and stylists in London recommended some residence remedies to make your heir shiny and bouncy again. Let us talk about these remedies in detail:

Avocados: Produce a mixture of 1 mashed ripe avocado and an egg in a bowl. Make certain you take away the pit of the avocado. Apply this mixture on the wet hair, leave it there for 20 minutes and then rinse with cold water a number of instances. Do this as soon as a week for a couple of months and see the difference.

Butter massage: If you have dry and brittle hair, massage them with a tiny amount of butter and then cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it on for about half an hour and then shampoo your hair. Make certain you rinse all the butter out. This method will make your hair glossy and shiny.

Olive oil: Warm up about half a cup of olive oil and then rub it on your hair. This brings back the moisture in your dry hair. When you are done massaging your hair with olive oil, cover them in a plastic bag and wrap a towel around it. Leave it on for 45 minutes and then rinse your hair completely.

Tea: Use unsweetened and freshly brewed tea to rinse your hair soon after shampoo. It provides your dry hair natural shine. Ideal hair colourists in London recommend that tea enhances hair colour. As a result, make sure to use a tea that suits your hair colour. Brunettes can use black tea and chamomile tea is ideal for blondes.

Shampoo omelette: Mix modest amount of shampoo with an egg and apply to your broken hair for about five-10 minutes and then rinse well. This enhances the protein of your hair and gives lustrous shine and bounciness to your hair.

Apple cider vinegar mask: 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, two tablespoons of olive oil and three egg whites combined with each other can do wonders for your broken hair. Mix them all properly and rub the mixture in your hair. Leave it on by covering your hair with a shower cap for about half an hour and then shampoo and rinse completely.

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