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The Fortis hospital (India) network is central to our mission of generating top quality healthcare services extensively offered to the community at huge.
From our network of Internationally recognised hospitals in India accrue such tangible patient rewards as a regularly high level of health-related care across all Fortis hospitals access to a big pool of specialists with knowledge across a vast spectrum of healthcare disciplines patient data transfer if you had been to move from one particular location to one more, produced possible by in-home IT connectivity.

Within a little over eight years, Fortis Healthcare (India) has grown as a single of the largest and internationally recognised healthcare chain. Following the recent acquisition of the Escorts Healthcare technique, the Fortis-Escorts Cardiac Program these days ranks amongst the biggest cardiac networks in the planet.

Fortis Healthcare is India’s quickest growing healthcare chain, with state-of-the-art facilities and an unparalleled commitment to patient care. Fortis Healthcare Restricted (FHL) is founded on the vision of becoming an integrated Healthcare Delivery Organization driven by good quality, excellence, technologies and compassionate care.

Fortis Healthcare has adopted a “Total Patient Centric Strategy”. A team of skilled and reputed physicians, efficient management professionals and very educated and motivated nurses, delivers this. Our infrastructure is globe-class. We operate to international protocols and all our hospitals are patient centric in style.

Accessibility : – The expanding Fortis Healthcare network guarantees accessibility to big sections of the population and ease of medical information transfer (Electronic Health-related Records). The network has the convenience of outpatient healthcare solutions and diagnostic testing all beneath the same roof. Our facilities are constructed with our individuals in thoughts. Ease and convenience for the visitors and patients are incorporated into each and every facility we design and style.

Healthcare Knowledge : – Fortis Healthcare facilities provide super speciality care and subspecialty experience obtainable as necessary. Fortis Healthcare is attracting the best health-related talent in the country even though constructing the biggest network of hospitals and health-related pros in India.

Fortis Healthcare inspired by the promoters of Ranbaxy Laboratories is a increasing healthcare provider in India Fortis Healthcare has established a network of world-class super speciality hospitals linked with a larger network of Multi Speciality Hospitals to supply higher good quality healthcare to the people of India, in a hub and spoke model.

In line with its growth strategy and with the current acquisition of the Escorts Healthcare Technique, Fortis Healthcare is setting new benchmarks in the way healthcare is delivered in India . With the addition of the Escorts Well being Technique, Fortis Healthcare has brought within its fold an extra set of four hospitals in the North of India taking its total operational hospital strength to 13 hospitals with a bed capacity of over 1,803 beds. Fortis Healthcare has a sizeable presence in clinical places including cardiac care, orthopaedics and neurosciences. The competencies of the two systems jointly will support in enhancing service delivery capability and set benchmarks for the way healthcare is delivered in India.

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